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'What can we do for self-organized community design?'

In Berlin and some cities of ex-Yugoslavian countries I visited some self-organized communities that were created by artists and activists. In many cases the community starts from the squatting of ex-factories, ex-hospitals and so on. The communities are not just anarchy and chaos. They are well organized and make tough negotiation with the city government and neighborhood. Is it possible to make some efficient tools for self-organized community design, learning from their activity?

In Japan also, we have to think and make action for the future of our own communities, not just wait for someoneユs help. To promote such a bottom up community design process, we can start by providing new information and communication technologies as a catalyst and to develop temporary structural systems. It is still necessary to have ground design for infrastructure, but we should restructure it as complex system. It is my central aim to find and develop some efficient tools for this.

Text for the Magazine of 21st Century Center for Excellence Program 'Center for Sustainable Urban Regeneration'
Satoru Yamashiro